Open the business on sale of the equipment for gas station and petroleum storage 
depots also earn from 250 000 rubles a month
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Why with us it is profitable?
  • Вложений всего 90 000 рублей.
    Investments of only 90 000 rubles.
  • Отсутствует вступительный взнос и роялти.
    There is no admission fee and a royalty.
  • Не нужно получать лицензию на продажу товара.
    It isn't necessary to obtain the license for goods sale.
  • Необходимый штат сотрудников:  1-3 человека
    Necessary staff: 1-3 persons
  • Бесплатное обучение персонала.
    Free training of the personnel.
  • «Ненасыщенность» рынка данной отрасли.
    "Nonsaturation" of the market of this industry.
Why with us it is reliable?
  • Поддержим  на всех этапах сотрудничества!
    We will support at all stages of cooperation!
  • Передадим опыт, знания  и секреты бизнеса.
    We will pass on experience, knowledge and business secrets.
  • Более 20 лет на рынке оборудования для АЗС и нефтебаз.
    19 years in the market of the equipment for gas station and petroleum storage depots.
  • Бизнес-модель и коммерческий опыт проверен годами.
    Business model and commercial experience it is checked for years.
This franchize for YOU if:
  • 1
    You want to expand available business
  • 2
    You look for possibility of steadily high earnings
  • 3
    Your work doesn't bring you pleasure
  • 4
    You are going to open own business
It is easy to earn!
Offices "Arkat" are opened in the cities:
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We provide:
  • 1
    Recommendations about a choice of location of office
  • 2
    Complete set of promotional materials
  • 3
    Private office in the Internet – shop
  • 4
    Profitable schemes of sales of goods
  • 5
    Timely providing with necessary goods
  • 6
    The won tenders for delivery of goods in your territory
  • 7
  • 8
    Accounting maintenance
  • 9
    Legal support
7 steps to opening of office of "APKAT"
To pass negotiations on cooperation in head office of the company
To sign the agreement of commercial concession
To find the room under office and a warehouse
To prepare office for opening (repair, interior registration)
To order the equipment and the software
To pick up and train the personnel
To fill in the questionnaire of the potential franchisee
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