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        Arkat production association - the group of companies founded in 1997 in the city of Kemerovo of the Russian Federation.  In the market the company is known as the large supplier of the equipment, spare parts for gas station and petroleum storage depots, and also as the organization rendering a full range of accompanying services for the entities of oil product supply. 
        Among other activities ON "Arkat":
-  wholesale and retail sale of electrotechnical products; 
-  sale of systems of video surveillance and access control; 
-  production of plastic cards, route signs, signs; 
-  furniture production; 
- tourist services.
              The history of the entity began in the mid-nineties, in the period of active construction of gas stations private companies and emergence in the market of small operators on retail sale of fuels and lubricants. The Arkat company headed for servicing of separate gas stations and petroleum storage depots, and also delivery and installation of the necessary equipment for them. Subsequently the project of complex servicing including guarantee and after-guarantee maintenance was developed.
              Territorial expansion of borders of owners of gas station promoted formation of the Arkat PO branch network in various cities. Today separate divisions of the company are provided in the Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Moscow, Leningrad areas, in the Altai territory and abroad – in Beijing. In the long term - opening of new office on the peninsula of Crimea of the territory of the Russian Federation, and also in other territorial subjects of the Russian Federation.
              Today ON "Arkat" includes some divisions which fields of activity are various, nevertheless, are closely connected among themselves. Each of activities is the logical prerequisite of creation of other direction.
              JSC Arkat M delivers, installation, commissioning, guarantee and after-guarantee maintenance of gas station and petroleum storage depots, and also cleaning of reservoirs from a remaining balance of petroleum and chemical products with their subsequent utilization. Among other activities - sale of systems of video surveillance and access control, production of plastic cards, route signs, signs.
              JSC Arkat-Mebel - one of the leading firms to Kemerovo on designing and production of cabinet furniture to order different level of complexity.
              JSC Arkat-Svet - the company which is engaged in wholesale and retail sale to electrotechnical products, the electroheating equipment, and also the equipment for energy saving.
             Travel agency – rather new activity ON "Arkat", rendering all range of tourist services for clients.
             Today Arkat Production association - steadily developing entity which took steady line items in the market. 
             Prospects of development of the company in the territory of the Russian Federation and in neighboring countries are caused by implementation of the franchize and expansion of a branch network of the company.
            The wide nomenclature, availability of own original developments, high quality of products, and also close interaction with foreign and Russian manufacturing plants of products for an oil and gas complex allow to compete with other entities implementing similar products successfully. 

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